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Cubonacci is a start-up and things are moving fast. Would you like to join us to accelerate the sales velocity and effectiveness, with the opportunity to help shape and lead our future sales team? In order to support our growth, we are looking to recruit a Sales Executive.

What we are looking for

We need your support to convert them effectively into paying customers. Once you get going, you will also fill the sales funnel by generating new leads and by introducing the brand and the product to its target audience. 

To do this, it is essential you thoroughly understand the value proposition of Cubonacci’s product and that you connect with its target users: data scientists, data engineers and their managers. This means that you will take the effort to learn everything about the machine learning life-cycle management market as well as the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, and that you immerse yourself in the data science and engineering communities.

You will take initiative to do whatever is effective at chasing leads and closing sales, and you will not hesitate to strategically and operationally activate the current team – that you will report to, and word closely together with – and the (co-)founders for this purpose. 

Grow with us!

As Cubonacci grows and accelerates, there is an opportunity for you to help shape and lead our future sales team. Are you up for the challenge?

By virtue of Cubonacci’s young age and expected growth, there is a lot of room to make a lasting impact on the company. As part of an entrepreneurial team, we expect you to test and try sales, marketing and pricing approaches, and if you succeed, you will be influencing these subjects on a strategic level. 

What we offer you

Cubonacci is a great place to work at, sharing a vibrant Amsterdam office with its co-founding partners: Digital Power, Data consultancy and Maneros, a Data Science Engineering consultancy. Cubonacci pays a good salary, there is a generous exit-bonus scheme that is extra beneficial for early employees and you will get the mobility you need to do the job.   

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Will you become our Sales Executive? Apply now by sending an e-mail to Jan van der Vegt. He will contact you within 3 working days.

Questions about this job offer?

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About Cubonacci

Our founders are rapidly developing a machine learning life-cycle management platform, while keeping it running at our first corporate client, setting up the business, marketing the brand and selling the product. There is a clear and highly focused product vision, and a packed road map for additional features. The current team is able to generate high-quality leads in their network and respond quickly whenever a (potential) customer needs a new feature.

Within a half year after the official start, Cubonacci is running in production at a large corporate client. The market tells us the problem our platform solves is real and urgent. There are over a dozen current leads and with an international conference coming up, we expect that by the end of October we will have many more to prioritize and nurture. To extract their maximum long term value and to develop a healthy customer relationship, these leads need much more attention than what the current team is able to cover.