Platform overview

The Cubonacci platform enables teams to execute their machine learning strategy in the fastest and most robust way possible.

Deploy into production, fast.

Practice shows that productionalizing machine learning models is challenging. Cubonacci takes care of the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that stand in the way of successfully taking your machine learning efforts to the next level.


Regain control

Never again lose track of which version of which model is running in production. The Cubonacci platform provides a clear overview of all machine learning models in all stages of development. Version controlled resources make sure that any hiccups in productionalized models can easily be traced back to the source, providing full lineage and auditability.

Compatible with any existing setup

Cubonacci was built on top of the open source Kubernetes platform. This means that it will run anywhere, from an existing cloud environment to an on-premise installation. Machine learning solutions for any use case will plug into Cubonacci effortlessly.


Empowering data science teams

By automating repetitive tasks and taking care of all metadata and infrastructure, Cubonacci allows teams to focus on their core competencies, leading to increased productivity and elevated job satisfaction. Any team can try the Cubonacci platform for free