Cubonacci team joins the Databricks family

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – July 2nd, 2021

The development team of Cubonacci, an Amsterdam-based startup offering a MLOps SaaS platform, will join Databricks in its Amsterdam office

Last year in April, we launched our data scientist-friendly MLOps platform, to simplify the complex MLOps problem space for our users.   

The feedback from our initial users was strong and the product matured on a high-frequency schedule. As the MLOps market became saturated with startups, we realised the market presence of our product vision needed to increase by an order of magnitude to make the impact that aligns with our ambition.

Simultaneously to our fundraising efforts, we looked out for potential partners to team up with, and we are happy to announce we found one in Databricks. Databricks has set out to revolutionize the data and AI market in a way that aligns with our original product vision. 

Jan, our CEO and originator of our product vision, will join the Amsterdam office of Databricks as Senior Product Manager. Borre, our CTO whose speed of execution and clarity in design exceeded our high expectations daily, will join as Senior Software Engineer. Marnix, our COO who pulled us through the COVID crisis financially with his highly valued MLOps and data engineering consulting, will continue his consultancy independently and is currently planting the seed for a new data centric startup.

Cubonacci and the product will be wound down. As a consequence, our free-tier cloud service is deactivated.

We want to express a warm thank you to all parties who supported Cubonacci in this foundational period and our early customers, who saw the value of our approach.