Cubonacci launches open beta free cloud service

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – April 15th, 2020

At Cubonacci we have worked for just over a year on developing a user-friendly machine learning platform, to streamline the data science workflow from development to deployment. Cubonacci runs in production with our enterprise clients and we use their feedback to add features to the product.

The product matured quickly and we are now ready to open it up to our target audience of machine learning enthusiasts. Today, a beta version of the free tier of the Cubonacci cloud platform has launched, opening the previously privately accessible beta version for everybody. The only thing you need to sign-up is a Github account.

We see a hosted cloud service as an important goal in solving the challenge of automating the training and deployment lifecycle of machine learning models. This service should be open, easy to use and give data scientists a user-friendly workflow while maintaining maximum flexibility in how they are solving the problem they are working on.

Our work is far from done. We have a strong vision on how companies and individuals can reach their goals more efficiently and we will refine this vision based on feedback on how the community experiences the Cubonacci platform. This vision guides the development process of our product.

We invite all machine learning enthusiasts and professionals to try the Cubonacci platform. Share your feedback so that Cubonacci can be the best tool to help you with your machine learning projects. To share your questions, issues or other feedback, please join the Cubonacci Users workspace on Slack or send a mail to

The service can be found at but we recommend getting started with our getting started guide.