Cubonacci for retail

Cubonacci helps data science teams keep up with the competitive pressure from the AI transformation of the industry.


The AI transformation

Retail has been continuously transforming into a more digital and customer-oriented industry since the 90’s. The AI transformation is bringing the next disruptive wave. Machine learning and AI power modern supply chains, dynamic pricing, detailed customer insights, multi-channel sales approaches and personalized marketing.

New opportunities

Retailers are competing against the world’s biggest players with the strongest data capabilities. At the same time, cheap cloud compute resources have made machine learning accessible for every business with the right team and the right tools. New opportunities are everywhere and fast and creative businesses will capitalize on them.


Cubonacci for your business

Cubonacci is the right tool for retailers who want their data science teams to produce results fast. Learn what Cubonacci does or request a demo to let us show you how Cubonacci brings value to AI in retail.