Cubonacci for Manufacturing

Cubonacci supports manufacturers with moving AI projects from R&D into operation smoothly.  


The AI transformation

Data is driving the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing. Machine learning and AI create a huge new potential of process optimizations. The application of machine learning in operations research, supply chain optimization and predictive maintenance is driving down cost and increasing the operating margin.

Real-time defect detection in manufacturing lines uses computer vision. Better demand prediction helps anticipate production processes. Smart devices have introduced manufacturing and usage data never before available. 

New opportunities

Businesses leveraging these new capabilities are creating an increasingly large competitive advantage. To keep up with the market, data science teas must be able to release machine learning applications quickly from R&D to the operation.


Cubonacci for your business

Cubonacci supports businesses in speeding up the development and release process of AI. Learn here what Cubonacci does or request a demo to let us show you how Cubonacci increases the value add of AI in manufacturing.