Cubonacci for infrastructure

Cubonacci puts businesses in the infrastructure industry in control of the AI transformation.


The AI transformation

The AI transformation is driving down costs fast in the infrastructure industry. Using a computer vision powered drone to inspect bridges is hard to beat by traditional ways of inspection. Computer vision can detect smaller defects, sooner, cheaper and more accurately. 

New opportuniteis

Machine learning is taking the traditionally long-term oriented infrastructure industry by storm: predictive and assisted maintenance of civic engineering works, LiDAR inspections of railroad tracks and extremely detailed usage patterns predictions – all examples of applications that would not be possible without machine learning.


Cubonacci for your business

Businesses in these industries have very domain-specific problems to solve. Cubonacci helps their data science teams go from very specific machine learning solutions to deployed models, fast. Learn here what Cubonacci does or request a demo to let us show you how Cubonacci brings value to AI in the infrastructure industry.